What is Kaya Wellness?


Kaya Wellness provides professional coaching, wellness events and retreats all over the world. Though the location may change, Kaya's aim is to provide a community of like minded people and wellness opportunities that support and empower one another

What is a self healing journey? 


A self healing journey starts with observing life's circumstances, checking in. It's a journey that asks each person to face the pain of life and begin the process of healing by taking responsibility to compassionately care for ourselves. Part of moving through a self healing journey is remembering who you are, what you like, don't like and harnessing your autonomy.


How do I know if I'm on a self healing journey?


Some signs you might be on a self healing journey:

-talking with a therapist

-tending to your feelings instead of ignoring them

-working on loving your body and self acceptance

-seeking out wellness practices 

-setting boundaries and being ok saying no

-trying to find balance in what others need from you and what you need from you

Is Kaya Wellness a mental health or counseling service?


Kaya Wellness retreats are not mental health counseling or therapy services. Kaya is a wellness space where each individual has the opportunity to participate in retreats, yoga/movement, wellness workshops, excursions and group activities. Professional Wellness Coaching and Private One on One sessions are available with Kelly and retreat hosts based on their area of expertise. 

What makes Kaya Wellness retreats different than others?


Kaya Wellness retreats are about creating community and offering experiences that support self discovery and empowerment. Most importantly, Kaya Wellness takes us out of the everyday and introduces you to new places, cultures and experiences; all while providing opportunities for you to nurture you mind, body and spirit in a community of likeminded people.